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Get ready to answer the big questions …

What is your purpose?
What is your calling?
What are you doing with your life?

Nearly every man has heard this — or something like it.

You may even be asking this question yourself. A constant refrain in your own head: “What am I doing with my life?”

A clear sense of your own true purpose is one of the most important qualities you can have as a man.

It’s what fires you up. It’s what gets you out of bed in the morning. It’s what laser-focuses your thinking in a world where distraction and diversion are considered normal.

When you’re living your life with a clear purpose, your career begins to thrive. Your relationships deepen and become more solid. You get respect from your peers. Your leadership comes online. And — let’s face it — you’re sexier and more desirable in the eyes of your woman or your partner.

Aligning with your purpose just might be the most important thing you do in your life.

But that’s the problem: Sometimes what it is just isn’t clear.

Hearing over and over “a man needs a sense of purpose” isn’t the same as tracking it down, identifying it, and claiming it for yourself. It’s not the same as finding and then living it. That requires going on a journey — a journey to the center of yourself. To your deepest truths. And the journey isn’t an easy one to take.

Sometimes others might offer the suggestion: If you can just get some time to sit and think about it, your purpose might become clear to you.

They mean well, but it’s a myth: If that was all it took, everyone in the world would eventually be living on purpose — and one look around will tell you that’s not happening.

Maybe you think: Hey, but I’m a responsible guy. I pay my bills, hold down a job, take care of my family…

That’s great. A good man takes care of his responsibilities. But it’s not the same as living your life in alignment with your purpose.

A man living his life on purpose is a hero of sorts. He might be a dad or a doctor, a math teacher or a mechanic, a chef or a computer geek. It doesn’t matter what he does for a living. What matters is that he gets up every day with a clear sense of who he is and what he’s doing in the world. He’s taken responsibility for finding his calling and — once it’s clear to him — living it. Fully.

Finding and learning how to live your purpose is the single greatest investment you’ll ever make in yourself.

If you’ve read this far, you may be a man whose purpose isn’t yet clear to him. And at this point, you may be thinking that finding it is the key to happiness and fulfillment.

It is — but it’s only part of the picture.

Once you’ve actually found your purpose, the hard work is to actually live your life that way. To wake up and spend your day devoted to your calling. To act consistently. Show up fully. To overcome the resistance and hurdles that will inevitably get in your way.

In your past, if you’ve caught a glimpse of your purpose (or even if you’ve taken the first steps along the path of living it) you know there’s something a little scary about it. It can make you uneasy. Your true calling — your soul’s deepest purpose — can be a little intimidating to encounter.

So what happens? You avoid it. You go numb. Check out. Let it fall away. Or maybe you chip away at it half-heartedly for years, never adding enough fuel to your own fire to generate any real heat. Maybe you do this your whole life.

Or… you switch everything up and do it differently. (Keep reading.)

It’s not your fault you’ve found yourself disconnected from your purpose, because you’ve been living in a society that perpetuates false information. This misinformation — generated by our families, by society, and by global culture at large — says that being a productive member of society is all you need to be happy. Get good grades, go to college, get a job, get married, have kids, send them to a good school, and so on. In short: fit in. That’s it. That’s the story we’ve been fed. And while it’s admirable, it’s not the whole truth.

As men, we’ve been deprived of real role models for how to live a purposeful, passion-driven life.

But something different is happening. Right here, right now. The fact that you’re reading this today, considering these questions, is a great sign. Powerful even. Heroic.

You’re right on track to create something new and different for yourself.

Because the cold, hard truth it this: Though the process for doing so is very simple, claiming your purpose is going to require serious commitment to yourself. But you can do it. It begins by clearing away the misinformation, correcting certain messages you learned as a boy, removing harmful ideas you’ve been taught by society and by well-meaning (but misdirected) male culture.


Truly living your purpose starts by taking responsibility for yourself — for everything in your life — and letting go of any false beliefs that your potential is limited.

And when those beliefs fall away, what fills in their place is power. And power is just the thing you need to find your purpose and get focused.

The Man on Purpose course offers a 7-week, step-by-step proven plan to help you transcend your limiting beliefs, reclaim your power, and step fully into your purpose as a man. Designed by men for men, it gives you clarity and a focused vision for your purpose by reconnecting you with the healthy, masculine power you’ve always known was living inside you.

This essential work of reclaiming your power is something only you can do. But here’s the good news: the Man on Purpose course will teach you how to do it. All of it. To reclaim power you’ve given away to others. To tap into a new kind of power to define or re-define yourself — not let society do it for you. The power to uncover exactly what you’re here to do in the world…and the power to see it through.

The Man on Purpose course will give you the power to shake off the limits you put on yourself — and claim full responsibility for your life.

And, from that place, to get about the business of fully living your purpose in the world.

In this 7-week online course, you’ll receive the teaching and support to guide you through our unique 3-step process, which will enable you to maintain the focus, commitment and energy for living your purpose in the world:

  • STEP 1: Clear away your false and limiting beliefs that block you
  • STEP 2: Open to your hidden source of power
  • STEP 3: Claim your purpose fully and begin living it every day through your own Purpose Project

With a man like you in mind, the Man on Purpose course provides a clear, proven, supported outline for success.

Leonardo da Vinci said, “Make your work to be in keeping with your purpose.” Living your life in alignment with your purpose is clearly something you’ve been considering — or you wouldn’t have read this far.


What if you actually took the leap? What if you finally took a stand for your purpose? What if you fully committed to yourself and to your powerful potential? Think about it. How would life look different to you? How would your career evolve? How would your romantic partner feel about you? How would others respond? Would they be turned on, lit up, engaged, and excited in your presence?

Yes, they would!

If you’re ready — NOW — for this kind of positive, life-changing discovery, the Man on Purpose course is for you. Please scroll down and register below.

Special message from your facilitator, Chris Kyle


It’s time. Time to bring more of you forward. More of your creativity and passion into the world, into your community, your family. We bet you already feel the pull.

It’s here in front of you right now: a critical choice point to either move out into the world more powerfully with your gifts and your purpose, or to go back to sleep, shut-down and numb out like so many men tend to do in our culture. What will it be for you?

Some of you may be in a period of transition, or facing some significant new challenges in your life right now. Either way, you’re probably hearing a call in your life. A call to a more passionate and meaningful way of living.

And what it will require of you is to live in your authentic power as a man…which means being clear, engaged, purpose-full, vulnerable, accountable and 100% responsible for your life.

It will mean bringing your courage forward to clear out all the negative beliefs that you hold about you. All the false stories that may still be running your life and that take you out of the bigger game that you are feeling called to play.

If this resonates with you then this course is the place for you to get the training, tools and support you need to claim your purpose and bring you and your Purpose Project™ into the world fully!

It will be something that moves you and makes a positive difference for others. We can help you get there. And you’ll make this journey with a powerful learning community of other like-minded men.

Our commitment to you is that when you are done with this course you will be tapped into a new source of power, with greater clarity and in action with your purpose.

It’s your time now. Join us to create your powerful, passionate and purposeful life.

Standing for you in your purpose,

Chris Kyle
Man on Purpose Course Facilitator

ps. This year I will bring some amazing guest teachers along for the ride! I am thrilled to be speaking with some of the top Purpose experts in the world – and I will bring them right to you – LIVE on our weekly classes.


What others are saying about this course…

What a huge blast of sunshine, hope, and sound support! The Man on Purpose course provided a straightforward and effective process for clearing out the issues and wreckage of the past and has helped me get refocused, energized, and moving forward again.

Luiz Acevado

The biggest gift I got was further insight into myself and greater clarity of purpose. Developing a purpose statement is very liberating and satisfying. The beauty of it is that it was created from the deepest inner parts of me, so I can trust it to guide my life.

Arturo Diaz

After going to school, raising a family, and putting all my energy into just surviving, I felt that there had to be more to life than what I had already experienced. I thought that I wasn’t fulfilling or utilizing the universal gifts that had been given to me. During the journey of purpose work, my soul started waking up to a whole new reality that I didn’t think was possible.

Kerry Johnson

Since the program, I have made huge strides in healing and releasing my shame and finding my power. In turn I have taken on leadership in many areas, and I am happier and more content than ever before in my life. I am making an impact in the world, and I feel appreciated for it, and it feels good. I am a better man, father, husband, even a better lawyer. You came at the perfect point in my life to help me heal.

David Kelley

This process allowed a space to open up where I see more clearly the true man that I am. I experience myself as more empowered and present and other people around me tell me they experience me differently. All of this encourages me to believe even more in myself and to move more into the direction of living more authentically in my purpose. I have not arrived yet, but I do have hope again. I also have gained these effective tools that I will continue to work to help take me closer to where I want to be.

Kurt Oravecz

I assume hundreds if not thousands of men have been blessed through your leadership, Chris, with me and my recently transformed brothers being the latest. You carry yourself in such a regal, noble manner. You are the stuff that warriors look for in a leader. If I were a King, I would want to have you as the Captain of all my armies. If I were a warrior under your lead, I would follow you anywhere with absolute loyalty and trust.

Donald Braegger

The Man on Purpose Course was instrumental in changing my life direction. It supported me in getting much clearer on my purpose, and my ‘role’ in the ManKind Project. This program has given me a more fulfilling direction for my life. I strongly recommend taking this course — just go for it!

Kerry Bell

A wonderful learning experience that helped me clarify my purpose and bring that purpose into action. The ability to interact and be supportive with other men around the globe was mind-boggling.

David Pais

When the course began I knew something big was coming up for me and the Man on Purpose was the perfect structure for me to flush out was next for me. Chris and George were brilliant at not only delivering the material but for providing some awesome processing for those of us that shared during the Q&A calls.

Jim Parker

Through my work in the Man On Purpose course I have discovered with more confidence who I am as a man, and how my purpose is a natural, effortless expression of my character.

Evan Teller

What you’ll learn in this audio course…

Session 1:

Mapping Your Life as a Man

In this session you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s important to recognize and to start living your purpose — and why there’s not a moment to waste.
  • How to step on the path of being the “hero” of your own journey into your purpose.
  • How to investigate the territory or your life and create a Life Map of its terrain.
  • Tools to help you look closely at your life, fearlessly and unfiltered, and honestly report on what’s working and what’s not.

Session 2:

Listening For the Call

In this session you’ll learn:

  • What is “The Call” and how it applies to you and your life.
  • How taking 100% responsibility for the current condition of your life starts to open the space for the deeper listening to occur.
  • How to identify the higher part of yourself that’s calling you towards something “beyond the known” — to the adventure in front of you that brings you alive.
  • A 5-step process for tapping into new possibilities for your life in order to connect with the inner guidance to lead you to your purpose as a man.

Session 3:

Understanding How You Resist the Call

In this session you’ll learn:

  • How your ‘made-up’ stories and negative beliefs about yourself have limited you.
  • How the 12 Inner Bully Archetypes have acted out in your life and kept you from answering and responding to The Call.
  • How you strategize and make excuses to stay safe and comfortable — which keeps you playing small.

Session 4:

Transforming Your Resistance into New Possibilities

In this session you’ll learn:

  • The source of your false stories and negative beliefs, as well as how to reframe them so you can begin accessing a new kind of power to activate your purpose.
  • How to utilize The Reframe Process to transform your negative beliefs into new possibilities for you as a man.
  • The Biggest Lie that most men carry — and how you can confront and heal it.
  • How telling the unvarnished, deeper truth about your life — and fully owning all your choices — brings you to a new kind of authentic power … power you’ll need for living your purpose in the world.

Session 5:

Tapping a New Source of Power to Fuel Your Purpose

In this session you’ll learn:

  • How to distinguish between the old model of masculine power and the new emerging model of authentic power.
  • How making peace with the past and finishing your unfinished business can provide you access to a new source of authentic power.
  • How utilizing this new source of power is the fuel for purpose that gives you new energy and momentum.
  • How — when combined with increasing true power — feeling fear and other core feelings is a great indicator that you’re living at your growing edge.

Session 6:

Fully Claiming Your Purpose and Living It

In this session you’ll learn:

  • Why purpose is so critical in our lives — for our health, happiness and fulfillment.
  • How you get to choose your purpose (and how it chooses you).
  • How to work with the Core Purpose Statement: “I am making an extraordinary and meaningful difference in my life and the lives of others by….”
  • How to move from awareness into ownership of your purpose.
  • To apply a ‘purpose discovery’ process to help you define your purpose by understanding and declaring your essence, gifts, and desired actions.

Session 7:

Making a Difference: Your Purpose in Action

In this session you’ll learn:

  • How purpose comes alive through action by identifying a specific project. (And you get to choose it!)
  • How to apply the Practice of Purpose to everyday life.
  • How to create your Purpose Project…and develop an action plan to manifest it.
  • How purpose is dynamic — it can evolve, change, or re-emerge in different forms or as different work in the world

Please Note: Download at your leisure!

You’ll always have access to listen to the recordings at your convenience. You can move through the course as quickly as you’d like. 

Bonus #1: Audio Series on Monetizing Your Passions

Monetize Your Passions Audio Series ($97 Value)

You may be asking yourself, how do I follow my passions and purpose AND make money doing what I love?

You’ll learn how to do just that from these four people who are experts at helping others learn the secrets of monetizing their passions and have made millions themselves. Chris Attwood, Janet Bray Attwood, Greg Habstritt and Geoff Affleck will share their insights and tools during more than 6 hours of audio in 3 different sessions. Whatever it is you want to do and are committed to these are principles and practices that you can begin applying now to amp up the financial success of living your purpose and passions.

  1. Find Your Work Passions
    Chris Attwood & Janet Bray Attwood

    Janet and Chris take you through a special version of The Passion Test that helps you answer the question, “When my work is ideal I am…”.
    Includes PDF worksheet for the exercises

  2. The Authority Formula
    Greg Habstritt

    Entrepreneur and Success Coach, Greg Habstritt explains how you can monetize your passions by positioning yourself as the authority in your market. And you’ll learn the formula for making a great income doing what you love.
    Includes two PDF worksheets for the exercises

  3. Monetize Your Passions Action Plan
    Geoff Affleck

    Using The Passion Test process, Passion Test Facilitator and coach, Geoff Affleck, shows you how to make an action plan for monetizing your passions.

Bonus #2: Audio Workshop and eBook by Lion Goodman

Clear the Beliefs that Take You Off Purpose

Audio Workshop

Transform Your Beliefs: Unleash Your Magnificence and Change Your World

eBook by Lion Goodman

($57 Combined Value)

You make a commitment, and it’s solid. The next moment, you’re back to your old habits. Why does this happen? There’s a good reason – and there’s a way to change it. Lion Goodman is the author of three books, Creating On Purpose, Transform Your Beliefs and Menlightenment. In this audio workshop you’ll discover:

  • Exactly how your old beliefs undermine and sabotage your best efforts by creating resistance, blocks and will-collapse
  • How to clear these barriers out of your way – permanently – with a few easy steps
  • How to cultivate new power and choices after your old negative belief structures are gone

You’ll also receive …

Transform Your Beliefs: Unleash Your Magnificence and Change Your World – a 25-page multimedia eBook that describes where your negative and limiting beliefs came from, how they create your experience, and what you can do to eliminate them from your life.

Lion Goodman is CEO of Luminary Leadership Institute, an executive coaching and consulting firm dedicated to bringing leaders into alignment with their highest virtues and their True Self.  He is the creator of The BeliefCloset Process®, a methodology for permanently transforming beliefs at the core of the psyche.

Here’s What You’ll Receive

Seven 50-Minute Audio
Course Sessions Facilitated by Chris Kyle (and Guest Teachers!) with PDF Transcripts


Each session will teach you, step-by-step, the practical tools and techniques necessary to start fully living your life on purpose. Chris will support and guide you in each process with various processes related to connecting to purpose. Through these sessions, you will be able to discover, claim, and start living your life in alignment with your deepest calling. 

Special Course
Bonus Materials


Additional bonus programs, which include:

  • Monetize Your Passions — Audio Series
  • Clear the Beliefs that Take You Off Purpose — Audio Workshop
  • Transform Your Beliefs: Unleash Your Magnificence and Change Your World — eBook

Your Facilitator

Chris Kyle

Chris is a speaker, teacher and founder of the Ascendant Company, an eLearning consulting firm that helps authors, teachers and organizations build online learning programs and highly-engaged global learning communities that unite and inspire people across cultures.

Chris has trained and coached hundreds of individuals to achieve greater success in their businesses and their lives. He develops and teaches his own public online learning programs in the areas of purpose, the ‘new success’ and authentic leadership. He created the Power of Purpose Summit, which drew participants from 85 countries in 2014; and is the creator of this Man On Purpose online course. He also co-developed The Way of the Evolutionary Man Telesummit with host Craig Hamilton.

He has guided the online course launches of notable best-selling authors and teachers including Neale Donald Walsch, Jean Houston, Arielle Ford, Terry Patten and Shakti Malan; and worked with organizations such as the San Francisco Zen Center, Evolving Wisdom, Meridian University, and The ManKind Project.

Earlier in his career, Chris worked in Fortune 500 companies and owned his own global eco-adventure travel company for 6 years. He graduated from Stanford University and lives with his wife in Northern California.


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